Mi Arduino: Continued 1

Your First Assignment:  Blinky!   Your school is very interested to see how quickly you can learn how to use an Arduino. They want you to make Blinky.  The Blinky assignment has two parts…First,  make the built in Arduino light blink by using the built in Sketch in Arduino. Follow what your  facilitator does…then, once you have your arduino blinking:

  1. Change the blink rate to once ever half second.  Once you and your peers verify that it works, move on to number 2.
  2.  Blinky grows up!  Make Blinky seem more sophisticated by adding an LED. Watch the video.

Answer this question.  Why just use pin 13?  Then do this:  Make your blinky flash once every two seconds.

Ready for more?  Let’s try the breadboard, wires, resistor and LED.

  1. You have 30 minutes, including watching the video below,  to get it done.

Here’s a timer!

And here’s a video to get you started.  Good luck.

Now, try something new.  Use the tutorials on the arduino cc website to make something different.  Here are some links

Arduino homepage

Musical arduino

Light sensitive arduinohttps://blog.udemy.com/arduino-ldr/

Button On, Button Off

Fade...use your IDE to make your LED fade

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