Setting Up the Game Board

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The Game board

The game board is the playing field you design for your players.  It doesn’t have to be a physical space, but it does have to resemble elements of the game.  Creative Inc. is a business simulator, and forms the basis for most player assignments.

Players achieve levels based on the number of points they earn. Points can be earned for arriving early, solving riddles, earning badges for different educational and beneficial activities.  The gamified version of this course lasts a full semester.  You may wish to start smaller.

Creative Inc is a simulator

that coincides with how we are presenting the subject matter.  Because we have students from all career fields, helping students rediscover their creativity seemed the logical choice as the theme for learning.

Creative Inc and their guides are in the complication business.

We use task, problem, and project based teaching to help our students expand their use of English.  The problems they encounter require creativity, imagination, teamwork and individual skills to complete.

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