The Future

The future of gamified EFL courses, at least at UP, will continue to move our focus away from language specific assessment to more problem and solution based assessment; call it solution fluency, if you will.  Moving in that direction, we are confronted as well with the issues of making things fresh and relevant for our students.

Toward that end, we are producing interesting and fun interactive PDF collaborative tasks to use in lieu of exams. Here’s an experimental test you can download. Try out The TravelerYou will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. (It won’t work with any other PDF reader)We are also venturing into virtual reality based tasks. Watch the video below. Also, transmedia story telling figures prominently in our future class design.  We hope that all of these will continue to dispel the myth that English language learning is boring, and that they will add more incentive for our students to learn through fun, collaboration, and problem solving and  gamified structures.

Thanks for your interest.