How to make and award badges

Foreign CorrespondentMaking and Awarding Badges

Game elements.  Leaderboards. Challenges.

Making badges is easy if you know where to look. The badges for this course were all made using OpenBadges. This free website/application, allows anyone to create badges for free.  Just sign in using Facebook, or your email address and get started.  The site is fairly intuitive.

Issuing badges.

There are two easy ways and one more complex way to do this, moodle, email, and printing.  Distribute badges easily through Moodle’s badges application. Here’s a tutorial for that. The other way is via email.  You just send the badge like you would a picture along with a note of congratulations.

The final way to give badges is to print them yourself.  I use Avery’s online designer and whatever Avery labels  I can find at the nearest Office Depot. After I have my labels and my design, I print everything out using an inkjet printer. See the video tutorial (below) to get started.

Warning: it does get expensive, especially if you have lots of students to provide for, so I generally print a first or second set of badges to hand out. Subsequent badges are electronically delivered.


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