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appfaceFor the gamified version of my course, challenges are used to help student gather points when students are behind on points They were admittedly an afterthought last semester as more and more students fell behind in their work due to other classes (English classes are generally viewed as a distraction from the students other educational endeavors, or as unimportant at best.)

1. Challenges should be done outside of class, though depending on the need, may be used for instructional purposes.

2. Point values for challenges should be based on the level of difficulty

3. Challenges should only be offered for a limited time. These should be ideally be considered as ‘level-up’ opportunities only, and not take the place of the more difficult to get badges.

Here are a few of the challenges that were offered last semester:

Help Find Dr. Dixie…(See picture at link)

Dr. Dixie has selective amnesia.  She isn’t sure where she is, but she does know she needs to get back to Guadalajara by Tuesday, May 19.  Please find out where Dr. Dixie is, and let her know how she can get from there back to Guadalajara.  Include times, transport, cost and meals, please.

The Day I Fell in Love With… 20x20 1000 pts. 10×10 Pecha Kucha 250 pts.

Describe your passion or hobby or special interest.  Deliver either a 20×20 Pecha Kucha, a webbased multimedia extravaganza or 7:28 YouTube video that tells the story.

Use your English and Prove It 250 pts.

Show your guide that you use English outside of English class. Up to 250 pts. The more complex, the more points you get.

World News Challenge 250 pts. 

Start a discussion about a topic in the international or national press.  You will be the expert explaining the situgation and how it affects you personally.  Engage your classmates in discussion or debate.  Must be well prepared to receive all the points.  You will also need to give your sources.



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