Game Elements

Badges, Leaderboards, Challenges

How to make and award badgesLeaderboards. Challenges.

Adding game elements to your class. Here are some samples of the things I use, i.e. badges, leaderboards, challenges, etc.  Let’s take a look at some of them, starting with badges.  Here are some of the badges I have issued, along with the criteria or requirements I have before they are awarded.  Your needs may vary, but these badges address positive behaviors that I, and many of my fellow teachers, felt were beneficial to our students.

After you decide on the criteria, determine how many times a student can win the particular badge and what the point value is.  Don’t automatically assume a student will want to earn badges.  More often than not, a student will try to earn a badge as a means of extra credit, rather than view the badge as an award or the challenge as a rewarding experience.

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