Arduino Workshop                                             

Mi Arduino: An EFL Workshop for Students

Welcome to this workshop on Arduino.  What is Arduino?  it’s a microcontroller that has been designed to help people learn about electronics.  More importantly, it’s an open source device; meaning anyone can use, design, make and distribute your own Arduino and Arduino parts and programming.

What are we going to do today?  We are going to make basic circuits (very basic) with the Arduino micro controller, bread boards, wires and LED’s and other parts.

What else are we going to do?  Well, you, are going to learn to talk about the Arduino, a thing called the maker culture, and provide someone else with instructions on how to make what you made using video and whatever else your instructor might have in mind.

Let’s get started.

Begin with this short introductory video about Arduino, then, answer the questions.

Answer the questions at this link.